BHFiber was born from the union of modern entrepreneurship attentive to the needs of the circular economy and an in-depth technical knowledge of natural and synthetic fibers that have always been used in the world of textiles.

Thanks to collaborations with our technological partners and investments into research and development, in 2018 we introduced an alternative and innovative fibers to the market: Honeycomb Fiber (WormNest, TopRelax, CoreRelax, Protech, Isotech) is unique for the processing characteristics that make it compact for use in slabs of various densities, bearing capacity, resilience and comfort. It is used for the production of mattresses, quilts, cushions, sofas, padding for technical sports clothing and insulation for the building industry. ReFill Fiber is a new generation fiber, highly innovative and unique, deriving from the recycling of plastic bottles of mineral water (PET), totally recyclable. The fundamental characteristics of this fiber is: resilience, lift, softness and a superior standard.

ReFill Fiber becomes ReFill Bio, obtaining the biodegradability certification that makes it an absolute novelty in the market, it is the turning point for the true circular economy in the textile, furniture, automotive, healthcare, construction sectors. We use the Circular Economy model which aims to preserve the resources of our planet based on the 3R approach (Reuse – Reduce – Recycle) which respects the natural life cycle of products.

Honeycomb Fiber, ReFill and ReFillBio are the real alternative solution for the production of 100% Recyclable or Biodegradable Mattresses, Pillows, Quilts, Decorative Pillows and Sofas in favor of sustainability, environmental control and competitiveness. A perfect mix of various innovations to offer products that help improve the potential of our customers.

Our fibers are all certified according to the criteria set by the most important regulations.

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